HDD Temperature


Control the temperature of your hard drive and avoid errors


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HDD Temperature is an awesome application that can monitor the temperature of your hard drive.

The obsession with data protection has led to applications like this that are able to find the temperature of the device and alert the user when it reaches dangerous levels.

The normal temperature of a disk is 35 ° C. Increased access to it raises considerably up to 45 º C or 50 ° C. The higher the temperature, the higher the read-write errors on the device.

HDD Temperature remains in the system tray silently. Instead of the icon it displays a small box with the disk temperature.

A very interesting feature is that HDD Temperature is that it can alert the user by email when the disk reaches a certain temperature.

If you do not know if your hard drive supports the detection of temperature, find out by clicking here here.


The Free Version does not include the automatic hibernation function that is activated when the temperatrue of the drive reaches a certain determined temperature.

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